The house is reached by a long avenue which provides splendid views over Lake Inchiquin.

When built around 1800, the house was purposely located in a slight hollow to protect it from the prevailing westerly wind while, at the same time, providing an attractive view of Clifden Hill.

The house is on a working farm, and cattle occasionally graze in the fields adjoining the avenue.

There is also a small storage building in the garden that was recently converted into a children’s playhouse.

In the woodland behind the house, the Burren’s karst limestone reveals itself, formed by millennia of erosion.

Inchiquin House Grounds


quotesleft   From the comfort, the beauty and the decor in the house to the peaceful and pure beauty of the surrounding land and countryside. A truly peaceful and enjoyable weekend had by all.   quotesright
-The Roe's, Cavan, August 2011